Is It Possible to Buy Car Insurance with a Suspended License?

Yes. It could be possible to purchase auto insurance coverage even if your driver’s license is under suspension. Companies do provide car insurance covers to drivers that have suspended licenses but they may have some qualification criteria for approving applications.

Besides, auto insurance for drivers who don’t have a driving license or license that has been suspended may be available in various different types.

So, you need to first determine whether you meet those eligibility guidelines, know the exact costs which are likely to be incurred for getting car coverage with your driver’s license under suspension, work with insurers that are known for following the best practices and many other related factors.

Brief Overview of Getting Car Insurance for a Suspended License

When your driver’s license is under suspension, you cannot drive a car legally on road. And it might also happen that your existing insurer will either cancel or not renew your car coverage. Insurance companies come to know about drivers’ license suspensions at the time of reviewing motor vehicle reports while renewing policies.

Thankfully, these days it is possible to find some insurance providers that may be willing to offer temporary or short term auto insurance coverage to drivers, whose licenses have been suspended for whatsoever reason.

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With driver’s license under suspension, you do have the option to get comprehensive auto insurance by getting car title transferred to your spouse’s name and list him/her the primary driver on the policy while you stay as a secondary driver. All you need to do is just find an insurer for getting your vehicle insured even if it is storage for most of the time. You will have to file an affidavit which states that you or no one will be driving the car.

What to do with car insurance after your driver license suspension?

If your car was already insured at the time of your license suspension then the situation can become complicated. Temporary cost savings may appear tempting but you only need to make sure that you don’t cancel the current coverage. This because maintaining continuity of coverage will help you to get back to road after your license gets reinstated.

But if your license suspension is due to DUI/DWI conviction then you may have to file for SR-22 or FR44 certification with your state DMV. Talk to an expert today to learn more about license reinstatement.

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