Is Your Car Covered by Liability Insurance If You Get Hit by Someone?

Typically, liability only insurance policies don’t cover insured cars driven by owner drivers for any kind of damages incurred as a result of an accident. So, it is the owner driver who will have to bear the costs of getting his/her vehicle repaired or restored to its original condition. Even treatment of bodily injuries suffered by the driver of the insured car and fellow passengers are not covered by liability insurance covers. Such type of car coverage will only pay costs for medical bills of third party victims.

However, if you happen to reside in a state that has the “Tort System” in place and you meet with an at-fault accident then your liability insurance policy is likely to cover your car for any potential damages as well as your personal medical expenses in the aftermath of an accident. And in states where there are no-fault auto insurance laws, the insured car’s policy will pay expenses for owner driver’s medical bills regardless of whoever may be at-fault during an accident. Nevertheless, in states where the at-fault system is in place, car repairs might be covered differently.

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If driver of the other vehicle is at-fault then your liability insurance policy will cover the damages. But if owner driver is at-fault, collision coverage feature in his/her policy will pay for the damages. Hence, make sure that your policy has collision coverage feature.

Why Do You Need To Purchase Liability Auto Insurance?

The main reason why you must buy minimum liability insurance coverage is because it is mandatory by national law. If you drive car without carrying valid insurance cover, you may be required to pay hefty penalties especially when you are caught by a traffic inspector. Besides, in the absence of a basic liability car cover, you may have to bear costs towards all probable damages by yourself and at times, it can adversely affect your financial situation in the long term.

How Do I Get a Best Quote for Liability Car Insurance Policy?

It could be much easier to obtain a cheap liability auto insurance quote if you:

  • Successfully complete a defensive driver’s training course.
  • Have a clean driving record that is free of accidents or traffic violations.
  • Bundle your home and car insurance coverage with the same insurance company.

In addition to the above, extensive online shopping and eligibility to receive premium discounts can save you lot of money during your effort.

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