What Happens If Your Car Hit By An Unlicensed Driver?

There may be a situation where in your car meets with an accident with another driver’s vehicle who is unlicensed. In such circumstances, several questions may arise. First and foremost, was the driver of the other car that rammed into your vehicle licensed? Was he/she driving his/her own car? Is the driver, who can even be a friend, relative, acquaintance or neighbour licensed to drive a car? Was you or the other driver at-fault? And so on. However, the most important question is whether your vehicle or the other driver’s car is insured. The following information can throw some light.

1. Accident with an uninsured car – If the at-fault driver of the other vehicle is an uninsured motorist and unlicensed as well then you will have to depend on your car’s insurance cover. This is because in such a case, the uninsured or underinsured at fault and have suspended driver’s license, there would be a car coverage discontinued.

2. Car is borrowed with due permission – If the uninsured/underinsured at-fault driver is driving a borrowed car then the vehicle will have coverage and so, it will pay damages incurred by you even if the driver is unlicensed. But prior permission from vehicle owner to the at-fault driver is necessary for settlement of any claim.

3. Car is borrowed without due permission – If the at-fault driver doesn’t have permission from car owner or is driving a stolen vehicle, the car’s insurance policy is not liable to any damages to you. In such kind of a situation, you will have to file claim with your insurance company.

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Thus, there is likelihood that drivers, who are unlicensed or whose licenses are under suspension for whatsoever reasons, are uninsured too on account of lapse of coverage. Hence, it is always desirable to buy uninsured, underinsured motorists’ insurance coverage as an extra feature on your car insurance policy. The coverage will pay resulting damages caused due to an accident involving your vehicle with that of an at-fault unlicensed driver. This way you could protect your finances and thus, enjoy total peace of mind when driving your car on the road.

To learn more about buying uninsured or underinsured motorist insurance coverage for your car, you can talk to one of our competent local expert or consult a lawyer for advice if your household member has suffered bodily injuries in an accident involving your car today!

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