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What Defines a Bad Driving Record?

Auto insurance quotes are offered by insurance companies based on a risk assessment. Many factors decide your insurance quote; your driving record is an important one. While multiple traffic infractions or crashes or both may put you in the ‘high-risk category,’ incidents like driving under the influence (DUI) certainly will. Car insurance for someone with a bad driving record is high, so keep your driving record clean.

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3 Steps to Get Car Insurance for Drivers With Bad Records

If you are a high-risk driver, high-premium car insurance for drivers with bad records is your best choice.

Lower your premium by installing safety features in your car, paperless billing, pay full premium and so on.

If the discounted rate seems too high, pay in installments and schedule your payments with your monthly paycheck date.

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How Do Insurers Companies Know Your Driving Record?

Insurance companies have their ways of finding driving records belonging to you or any other driver to decide affordable car insurance for bad drivers with no down payment coverage:

  • Department of Motor Vehicles: Any small or large incident like a ticket or accident is recorded in the DMV of every state, so there is no way to hide a bad driving record. Information relating to a driving safety course you took for the removal of a ticket can also be found here.
  • Claim Records: If you are involved in an accident and make a claim, your insurance premium is likely to go up.
  • Self Declaration: When signing up for a new policy, you might mention an accident not recorded in your claims history.


Insurers companies know your driving record before provide auto insurance

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What to do if Your Driving Record Is Really Bad?

A bad driving record is a double whammy with high insurance rates and few companies willing to cover you. You might need an SR-22 (Certificate of Financial Responsibility) or FR44 insurance certificate that proves you have the insurance legally required by your state.

Here are some ways to get cheap auto insurance with a bad driving record:

  • Take a Defensive Driving Course: This proves you are serious about improving your driving record and certifies your driving skills.
  • Trade Your Car in For a Safer Model: Cars with the latest safety features and a 3-years plus clean driving record ensure lower premiums.
  • Have Your Driving Monitored: Insurance providers can check your driving behavior through a monitoring device to decide the premium.

How Does a Bad Driving Record Affect Car Insurance?

Auto insurance for drivers with a bad driving record depends on the severity of the violation. Here is a list of traffic violations and their impact on your car insurance:

These violations last for around 3 to 5 years and have a severe impact on your driving record.

Such serious violations remain for 5 years, skyrocket your premiums, and require an SR-22.

Be a responsible driver and get extra discount.

Texting while driving ticket have a 2-3 year duration, and the penalty varies by state and insurance provider.

It may take 3 years for an accident to affect your insurance rates, depending on the circumstances.

You will have a record of this offense for at least five years. Repeat offenders could lose their coverage.

Obtain Cheap Car Insurance for Bad Driving Record Online

Say thanks to the ICarInsuranceUSA, a auto insurance quote provider. You can get information on the best car insurance for bad driving record at the click of a button. You need to provide personal details and information about your driving record, apart from the serial number or vehicle identification number.

You will get a quote for auto insurance, depending on the information provided by you. Compare the quotes from different insurance companies to get the best deal depending on your budget and coverage needs.

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Companies May Provide Best Auto Insurance for Bad Driving Record

You can get car insurance with bad driving record, but for that, you need to compare quotes from at least three different insurance companies. You may save approximately $859 a year. This is a great way to start and not as difficult as you think!

It's easy to compare quotes since with the right information; you can get an instant quote that you can compare. If you have continued for 4 years or more with the same insurance company, it's time to switch since you could be losing out on potential savings.

Below are the best insurance companies for bad driving records in your area that may provide you car insurance at an affordable price.

FAQs on Bad Driver Auto Insurance

With car insurance for drivers with bad records, get the drive & determination to get back on the road.

If you are in your teens or early 20s, you fall in the high-risk driver category, and the only way out is to grow older. You can get student discounts to get you through this phase. Improve your driving record to reduce your premium.

Getting affordable car insurance for bad drivers is possible with discounts offered by insurance companies. Speak to Customer Service if you don’t find what you need or need information on additional offers.

High-risk drivers have a bad driving history and are likely to cause more accidents. Insurance companies charge a higher premium to cover the risk. If you had a clean driving record but are having problems recently, get a health checkup.

An automobile accident could stay for 3 to 5 years on your records.


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