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    Affordable car insurance for no license drivers could be hard to find if you go about the task on your own. However, when you seek help from specialists that have spent years in the industry, the process could be a reality.

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    There could be varied reasons due to which you may have to buy car insurance without drivers license
    policy. Some of these are as under:

    • You are learner driver who is trying to get valid license.
    • Your spouse/household member drives your car regularly.
    • You have health issues and so, need someone else to drive your car.
    • You own a car but still need a personal driver to drive your vehicle and carry you to various destinations in city.
    • You own a vintage car or collectible that you don’t drive very often but need to get it insured for protecting finances.
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      Points to Consider While Buying Car Insurance for Unlicensed Drivers

      There are many reasons that you may require car insurance.

      Here are some points to keep in mind.

      • You may be charged a higher premium when you get no license car insurance since the risk of getting into an accident is higher.
      • Insurance is legally mandatory to drive your car on the road.  
      • A learner’s permit is not a license. If you are driving your car with a learner’s permit, you must get car insurance.
      • If you are taking a loan to purchase the car, then insurance might be a mandatory condition for issuing the loan.  
      • While many get unlicensed auto insurance so that they can hire someone else to drive their car, if you do decide to drive your car without a valid driver’s license, you are making yourself liable to huge penalties.   

      Other Situations Get Auto Insurance Without Driver License

      Only some insurers could be willing to provide car coverage to unlicensed or excluded drivers, not all. In such case, your spouse/household member, who has a valid driver’s license, can buy auto insurance coverage.

      You might not or are unable drive your car but close friends and family members do drive your car frequently. This could be a valid reason for buying unlicensed driver’s auto insurance cover.

      If primary driver is not your spouse but stays with you then you can get car insurance as an excluded driver on your policy. But you may be required to give valid ID proof/learner permit.

      Lapse in car coverage must be prevented at any cost as it can lead to your being branded as a “high risk” driver and accordingly, premiums can go up greatly.

      You will need proof of valid insurance to drive new car from showroom to your home despite your being unlicensed driver.

      If you are an unlicensed driver then you can stay on storage car insurance policy as an excluded driver. Alternatively, you can even explore the possibility of getting stored car insured in your spouse’s name.

      Important advantages of auto insurance with no license

      Online assistance for purchasing a low cost no license auto insurance policy quote through ICarInsuranceUSA First and foremost, you don’t have to answer any questions or explain your personal situation.   

      • We may enable you to get listed as an excluded driver on your taxi insurance policy. Many insurers might not agree with such a proposal but our partners may do. 

      • Our team of experts has helped hundreds of drivers to get coverage for their cars despite their being unlicensed. So, you can rest assured of securing an insurance solution.  
      FAQs on car insurance but no license policy

      Your best and most affordable driver unlicensed car insurance quote is a click away! Apply now!

      Yes, it is perfectly possible to register and insure a car even if you are currently without valid driver’s license. However, if the insured car meets with an accident and you are required to file a claim, it is mandatory for you to provide the details of your driver’s license. 

      Like in the case of auto insurance, driver’s license if not required for buying a car. But driver license will be needed for test driving different cars for selecting the right vehicle. Besides, license may also be required by lenders that offer car loans if you plan to get vehicle financed

      There could be few situations wherein buying car insurance coverage is required to be purchased by unlicensed drivers as well. For example, all elderly or disabled car owners who need personal drivers to different destinations across the city or town.

      Yes. It is important that you maintain continuity of your car coverage by renewing it so as to enjoy financial protection and benefits. Carrying valid auto insurance is a legal requirement mandated by law.   

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