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Find Cheap Car Insurance for Young Drivers

Full coverage car insurance for young drivers costs almost double/month that of adult car insurance but young drivers may grab discounts of up to 25% if they score good grades, take a driving safety course, bundling policies. Choosing a less comprehensive policy and driving an older car can also save you money.

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Steps to Buying Best Auto Insurance for Young Adults

Shop around for the best plans but for young drivers, best way to do get insured with your family member’s insurance plan.

Good academic grades, taking a driving safety course, driving a cheap model around can fetch you further discounts.

Receive multiple quotes for the best & reasonable car insurance for young drivers before buying the most suitable policy cover.


When Should You Consider to Get Car Insurance for Young Drivers?

A young adult passing a driving test and getting a new driving license needs a young adult’s car insurance before rolling out independently behind the wheels. A permanent car license holder must get insured across all states.

Consult your car insurance agent to add them up along with the parent’s policy. You can afford attractive discounts besides getting affordable car insurance for young adults.


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How to Get Cheap Car Insurance for Young Adults?

Young drivers can try following 4 steps to get the cheapest auto insurance policy.

  • Student Discounts: Good academic grades (B or better than B) get you attractive discounts.
  • Accident Forgiveness: Add an accident forgiveness clause to prevent insurance rates from surging after accidents
  • Learn Defensive Driving Course: It helps you adapt to a potential accident-like situation and helping to escape unhurt.
  • Set Up Anti-Theft Devices: Buy anti-theft devices to avail more discounts on auto insurance for young adults, keeping your car safe from break-in attempts.

6 Factors Affecting Young Drivers Car Insurance Rates

Auto insurance for young adults costs more if under 25 (lack of experience spikes the premium)

Driving a cheap car model gets you affordable car insurance for young adults.

Insurance providers give attractive discounts if you have a good credit score.

Male drivers pay more insurance premiums than female drivers (males are prone to car accidents).

If your location is at risk from car thefts, pay a higher car insurance premium than peaceful locations.

If you are an occasional driver (less road time equates with less chance of accident), you pay less car insurance premium.

Choosing Best Insurance for Young Drivers: Things to Consider

  • Price: Save plenty when you add young adult’s car insurance with an existing adult automobile insurance (instead of buying an independent policy).
  • Coverage: Choosing a comprehensive plan over individual coverage (collision claims or stand-alone damage) gets you a lesser monthly premium.
  • Discount programs: Some insurance providers give a generous discount of up to 25% on auto insurance for young adults based on academic and driving safety records. Consult your car insurance agent for any hidden concession subject to eligibility.
  • Customer service: Car insurance for young drivers often have policy claims request or addressing regular queries on insurance cover. Choose a seasoned insurance provider who boasts of insurance agents at your service anytime.
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Companies May Offer Cheapest Car Insurance for Young Adults

Insurance for cars for young drivers starts around $100/month (single coverage) and $200/month (comprehensive coverage). The premium is subject to reduction/year based on your driving record and association with the insurance provider. Most insurance companies offer attractive discount packages while shopping for young adult's car insurance.

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FAQs On Young Adults Car Insurance Coverage

Find better insurance coverage and rates by comparing quotes in minutes.

If your young child stays with you and ages over 18, it’s an economical option to add them to your existing auto insurance policy.

Young adult’s car insurance can avail attractive discounts using good academic grades and safe driving records. Being a regular insurer with a particular provider and having an insurance policy with parents gets you exclusive additional discounts.

Your average car expense decides your car insurance premium. You can get cheap insurance quotes when driving less, no accident records, also depending on your car make, age, and gender.


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