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Why Do I Need to Buy Car Rental Insurance Online?

Auto insurance for rental cars is primarily designed to protect vehicles on rent in the event of them getting stolen or damaged for whatsoever reasons. It is desirable to buy car rental insurance online when you are thinking of securing a car on lease as there is always a remote possibility of an accident or collision involving the rented vehicle.

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4 Types of Best Car Rental Insurance Coverages That You Can Buy

  • Loss or collision damage waiver: This type of insurance coverage pays costs if the car gets stolen, is vandalized or suffers damages due to accident.
  • Liability/supplemental liability insurance: Such insurance coverage on rental cars pays costs for damages caused to other person’s vehicle or property because of an accident involving insured rental car. The cover may also cover medical expenses incurred by driver of other car and fellow passengers for treatments post an accident involving insured rental car if you are at fault.
  • Personal accident insurance cover: This coverage feature type pays costs for medical bills incurred by driver and fellow passengers inside the rental car towards treatment of bodily injuries suffered as a result of an accident involving the rental car.
  • Personal effects insurance coverage: Such a cover will reimburse costs for personal belongings or items that get stolen or damaged inside the rental car.


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How Do I Know Whether My Personal Car Insurance Covers Rental Vehicle?

Coverage of an existing personal auto insurance policy can be extended to cover a rental vehicle if you are not going to use that policy for business purposes. Here is some vital information relating to what all may be covered under your current car insurance policies.

  • Repairing charges for rental car.
  • Towing charges for carrying rental car to repair shop or rental location.
  • Financial losses caused to Rental Company while their vehicle is being repaired.
  • Loss incurred by the rental company if car loses market worth post an accident
  • Reimbursement of deductible amount as well as fees to the rental company.

Things to Check Before Get Insurance for Rental Car

If you using a rented car for recreation or business then coverage and deductible in your existing policy will automatically apply to the rental vehicle.

Check whether your current policy has comprehensive collision features. If not, buy them to get complete protection for your rental cars.

Insurance coverage and levels of benefits provided on bank credit cards will be different from that offered by auto insurance companies.

Find out if your insurer will pay or has a rider in policy for additional fees.

Rental car insurance usually kicks in only after personal auto insurance or rental company’s car coverage has been used.

These may also vary depending on the type of credit card by various banks. Verify that with banks that have issued cards.

Personal Car Insurance Over car insurance rental coverage

  • Using personal car insurance may be a cheaper option than buying auto insurance rental coverage if it covers rental vehicles. You will not have to spend extra dollars on rental car insurance.
  • You already have a good relationship with your current personal auto insurance provider and so, settling any claims will be relatively easier. If you buy car insurance rental coverage separately then you might have to deal with car lease insurance or car rental insurance company.
  • With your personal car insurance policy covering rental vehicles, it is possible to save money and time on preparing paperwork required for insuring a rental car with another new insurer.

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Companies May Offer Auto Insurance on Rental Cars

Cheap car rental insurance coverage is incredibly easy to find and purchase since most reputed insurance companies offer rental car auto insurance coverage. In fact, some insurance companies provide insurance coverage on rental cars as part and parcel of your regular car insurance policy at no additional cost.

Your regular car insurance policy may offer similar coverage for rental cars, including a loss-and-damage waiver, supplemental liability protection, and personal accident protection. Still, since different insurers offer varying plans, it is crucial to verify the extent of coverage for rental vehicles with your policy provider.

If you have any doubts with respect to your rental car insurance coverage, approach your insurance agent for more clarity. Before you rent out a vehicle, it always advisable to make sure you have insurance.

Do note that if you wish to get car insurance rental coverage as a standalone policy, there are insurance companies in your area that may offer such plans.

FAQs On Geting Insurance for Rental Car

Protect your finances before driving a rental car with insurance that can give full peace of mind!

Yes. If you get insurance for rental car then it will only cover rented vehicle. On the other hand, rental reimbursement policy is an optional coverage that can be purchased on existing policy.

It is mandatory to have valid driver’s license and insurance coverage for driving personal or rental car legally on road, so, when renting a car, you must purchase insurance if you don’t have regular policy.

When your rental vehicle meets with an accident, contact the rental company to know whether the car is covered. Also get in touch with your personal/ car rentals insurance provider to learn about the claim filing process.

Well, it could depend on how have got your rental car covered. It can be personal car insurance or rental/travel insurance company. Contact the insurer over phone to get started with the claim filing process.

Yes. If you are having personal car insurance policy, it is likely that it will also cover a rental vehicle. But if you don’t have a personal car cover then it is better to buy a separate rental cars insurance policy.


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