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Applying for FR44 Insurance Certification: What You Must Know?

In Florida and Virginia, it is mandatory for drivers to file for FR44 auto insurance if they have been convicted for DUI or DWI offenses leading to a suspension of their driver’s license.

Typically, filing of FR44 insurance certification allows drivers to maintain continuity of coverage even while their licenses remain suspended.

However, as compared to the filing of SR-22 certificate as is required in most states, the requirements for filing FR44 certification are more stringent and drivers have to pay huge price.

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3 Tips to Improve Chances of Getting the Cheapest FR44 Insurance Quotes

Risk of an accident or a component failure that can trigger an insurance claim is lower when you drive less. Lower risk equals a lower premium.

Interest gets added to your insurance premium when you choose to pay it monthly. Paying it annually reduces this amount and lowers the quote.

Vehicles that have alarms, locking wheel nuts are less likely to get stolen and trigger an insurance claim. The lower risk translates to a lower quote.

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How to Get Cheap FR44 Insurance Quotes Without Being Owner of a Car?

It may happen that you have a valid driver’s license but are not the actual owner of the car when you were convicted for DUI/DWI offense. In such a situation, having a non-owner auto insurance cover could be worthwhile as it will avoid lapses in coverage. This way you can prevent your premium from skyrocketing when you get the vehicle back.

Normally, car insurance policies provide liability coverage for third party bodily injuries and property damages. But you can also purchase medical and uninsured/underinsured motorist coverage as add-on features to secure total financial protection against any kind of eventuality.

Regular auto insurance policies might be canceled by the insurer. Besides, these do not cover damages caused to borrowed or rental vehicles.

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Who May Be Required to File FR44 Insurance Virginia/Florida?

In the state of Florida, filing of auto insurance FR44 certification is required for drivers with DUI or DWI conviction.

But in Virginia, different types of traffic violations can lead to requirement for filing FR44 certificate as are mentioned below:

  • Driving vehicle in intoxicated condition under the influence of alcohol/drugs.
  • Causing serious or permanent injury to another person while driving car in an intoxicated condition.
  • Driving car unlicensed and meeting with an accident resulting in bodily injuries or property damages of other persons.
  • Driving a vehicle in complete violation of federal laws as also local ordinances/traffic rules of other state.

Vital Guidelines for Filing FR44 Insurance Florida/Virginia Revealed

If the need for filing FR44 insurance without vehicle arises, you can’t file it on your own. You will have to follow guidelines as under:

In case, if the car is already insured, contact the insurance company for filing FR44 certification.

If the car isn’t insured then you may have to look for an insurer that is ready to file for FR44 certification on your behalf.

Insurers usually require drivers to pay certain processing fees for filing FR44 insurance on their behalf.

How Long Will a Driver Need to Carry an FR44 Car Insurance Certification?

An FR44 certification is required for a time period of at least 3 consecutive years but it will depend on the state and city in which you live as well as the exact type and nature of your driving offense.

  • Florida: All resident drivers need to carry FR44 auto insurance certificate for 3 years after reinstatement suspended driver’s license post DUI or DWI conviction.
  • Virginia: Drivers, who have been convicted for either DUI or DWI offenses, are needed to carry Virginia FR44 certificate for a period of 3 years from the date of suspension of their driver’s license.
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FAQS On FR44 Car Insurance

Learn The Basics of Filing FR44 Car Insurance Certification By Taking Advantage Online!

No. As per law, it is mandatory for drivers to buy FR44 certification by paying fees in full. We may help you to qualify for the lowest auto insurance rates and get a special discount if you fully pay for your FR44 insurance in full.

Prior to filing for an FR44 certificate with your state’s DMV, it is vital that you get at least minimum liability coverage for your car. So, at the time of buying a new policy, you can notify to the company that you require to file an FR44. Your insurer will submit FR44 form on your behalf to the state authority.

If you work with us, we may assure you that you will get a free pass for the first DUI conviction if you don’t have any other serious traffic violations on your driving record in the past. It means that your insurance rates won’t be hiked for the first transgression.

The abbreviation CFR or “Certificate of Financial Responsibility” is just another term used for FR44. It shows that you are complying with your state’s vehicle insurance requirements for a specific time period.


With your driver’s license under suspension for whatsoever reason, you need to make sure that there is no coverage lapse. FR44 car insurance could be the way to go!

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