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Multi Car Insurance Quotes: How to Get It?

If you are out to get and compare multi car insurance quotes at once then there could be no better place than ICarInsuranceUSA.

We may assist you to get two or more vehicles in your household insured under one single policy at a price that you can easily afford and sustain.

Just decide how much access you are willing to pay for each driver listed on the coverage without having any impact on individual no claims bonus.

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Requirements of a Multi Quote Car Insurance

Give basic personal details of every driver to be named on the multi car insurance policy.

To secure no claims discount, details of every listed driver’s driving record have to be provided.

Insurers will ask for information of all the vehicles that are to be covered under the policy.

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Who Can Apply for Multi Car Insurance Quotes?

To get insurance of multi car at once, it is important that all the cars that are to be insured belong to the same household. Therefore, such types of policies could be ideal for the below mentioned category of individuals.

  • Households that have several drivers
  • Couples who have individual vehicles
  • Any individual with two or more cars

Normally, multi car auto insurance policies cover up to 5 drivers but some companies may provide coverage for single household cars for up to 10 drivers. Besides, few insurers can so cover drivers in household even if they are residing at different geographical locations.


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Basic Requirements to Get Multi Auto Insurance Quotes?

Here are some basic requirements to get car insurance quotes from multi insurers to insure two or more vehicles in your household under one policy:

  • All cars, which need insurance coverage, must belong to your household.
  • Some insurers may demand that the residential address where the cars are parked is the same.
  • There might be a limit with regards to the number of cars that can be insured under one policy.
  • You must furnish the VIN of each vehicle that you wish to get insured with insurance cover.
  • Companies may require details of valid license numbers of all drivers to be listed on the coverage.
  • An additional requirement states that drivers, whose names are to be listed on the policy, must be supported by some valid date of birth document.

It is possible to add another car midway through the term of the policy and qualify for a special discount on premium. Alternatively, you can even cancel coverage for one or more household vehicle(s) midway through the policy. But by doing so, the premium discount may also stop almost instantly.

What Will Be Cover in Multi Car Insurance Quotes?

Get reimbursement for denting repairs or removal of scratches required for restoration of car’s looks and glory.

If your vehicle gets hit by another uninsured driver then the policy will pay for the resulting caused to your car.

If one of the insured cars is filled with the wrong fuel by mistake then the policy will for draining and flushing the fuel tank.

If car gets damaged because of vandalism, policy will pay for repair costs. But you may be required to pay excess amount.

The policy will reimburse expenses for the replacement of child seats in cars free of cost if they get damaged in accident.

If keys get stolen or lost then new locks will be installed in free of cost as per condition in the policy.

The Bottom Line to Compare Multi Car Insurance Quotes

The best place to check multi quote car insurance without any deposit at once is the internet. It is easier to shop and compare the best multi car insurance policy by taking advantage of the fast online processes than it is to go about the task physically.

You could end up saving a lot of time and money by going online as there are numerous websites that can help you during your overall effort.

Nevertheless, you must take the following aspects into consideration to find a quote that fits your specific driving needs and budget.

  • For getting accurate estimates, you must give all correct details.
  • Compare free quotes offered several top rated auto insurance providers.
  • Use guidance from a local expert for helping you with the quote selection process.
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FAQS On Multi Car Insurance

Looking to insurance multi car under one single insurance policy? We can help you in finding the best quote online!

To get the best and cheapest multi auto insurance quotes online, all you need to give is names of drivers listed on the policy and information relating to the type, make as well as model of each car to be insured under one cover.

The extent of coverage required for each household car that is to be covered under one policy as well as car types, driving records of every listed driver, their credit scores, age and gender can affect insurance rates that are provided for such a policy.

You can only add another car to your policy if the vehicle is owned by either you or your spouse. This way you may be even eligible to get a special premium discount. But if the car to be added is owned by another person then the owner must buy separate auto insurance policy.

Buying a multi-car insurance policy may not be a great idea for drivers (parents, siblings or roommates) in a household that drive high end vehicles and have poor driving records.


Determine whether insuring multi household cars under one single insurance policy is right for you online today!

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