What Is New Car Replacement Insurance?

If your new car gets totalled within a few months of purchase, you only get the depreciated value from the insurer, and you will have to pay the difference between the purchase price and depreciated value.

To avoid paying the difference, you should cleverly get better car replacement insurance that pays you the market value of a brand new car of the same make and model, less your deductible.

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What Does Replacement Car Insurance Includes?

You get a brand new car of the same make and model if your car gets totaled with full car replacement insurance fewer deductibles payable by you.

You are paid the difference between the actual cash value of the vehicle and the remaining loan or lease for loaned or leased vehicles under this coverage.

Damage to your windshield, exterior lights, mirrors, or windows, is covered by this lower deductible coverage in place of the comprehensive deductible.

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How Does New Car Replacement Insurance Work?

According to the insurance company, a total loss is defined as one where the cost of repairing your damaged car is equal to or exceeds the actual worth of your car. If your car is stolen, it is also considered a total loss by insurers.

The damage needs to exceed a certain percentage of the pre-accident value as per the total-loss threshold set by your state. This decides whether you have suffered total loss car insurance or not and accordingly you can make a claim under new car replacement coverage.

In case of collision and comprehensive coverage, you will be compensated with the ACV which may not cover the cost of a brand new car. The ACV is the depreciated value of your car and this is far less than the actual cost. With a replacement car insurance policy, you will be paid the price of a brand new car.

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Who Are Eligible for Auto Replacement Insurance?

If you have comprehensive or collision coverage with the insurance company, you are eligible for insurance new car replacement. However, the following conditions need to be fulfilled to be eligible for full car replacement insurance:

  • The event causing the damage should be included in the collision or comprehensive coverage.
  • The original owner should be insured by the insurer.
  • The accident should have taken place within 12 months of purchase.
  • The damaged vehicle should not have covered more than 15000 miles.

What Are the Other Things to Know About Total Car Replacement Insurance?

New car replacement coverage can be purchased as an add on to your existing comprehensive and collision insurance if your insurer provides replacement car insurance.

The eligibility requirement is different for different insurers. Your vehicle should be of a certain age, you need to be the first holder, and the odometer of vehicle mileage should less than 1000 miles.

If your deductible is $500 and the coverage is $20000, in case of a claim, you will need to pay $500 and the insurer will pay $19500. You are out of pocket expense is known as a deductible.

Is New Car Replacement Insurance Worth It?

It would depend on the risk you are willing to take. What impacts your risk is the likelihood of your car being totaled, the rate at which you vehicle is depreciating, if you can afford to pay for a new car, and the charges payable to your insurer.

You need to consider the trade-off between the additional cost of coverage versus your peace of mind, and ask yourself which is more important to you. When you go for a drive in your new car, you don’t need to worry about your car getting totaled when you have new car replacement insurance.

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FAQ’S On New Car Repacemnt Insurance

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No, new car replacement insurance coverage is not provided for used cars. You need to be the first titleholder. Gap insurance is a better choice for used cars, and you can pay off your balance car loan in the case of an accident.

While you don’t need to buy replacement insurance when getting your new car, you should buy it within a year or before risky voyages. Nationwide adds it within the first six months when eligibility is met.

Your auto insurance company will decide whether you are eligible for replacement insurance for your new car. Usually, the age of your car, mileage completed, and the availability of collision and comprehensive car insurance are considered.

Yes, you will get a new car if your existing car gets totaled. You should have full coverage car insurance with collision and comprehensive coverage. This allows you to get full car replacement insurance for your vehicle and the insurer will pay you the market price of a brand new car.


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